9 ways computer science has had a positive impact on society

feat3 - 9 ways computer science has had a positive impact on society

Computers have definitely had a huge impact on society and the world will never be again the way it was before computers had transformed it. Unfortunately, many of us tend to look at the negative effects of computer technology, such as video game addiction or using social media to present only those positive aspects about your life and thus making others feel unhappy. Nevertheless, computer science has had a positive impact on humankind and society in more ways than you can think of. Here are just a few:

1. Improving communication

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Just a few luxuries that computer science has offered to us are the ability to send an email from our phones, being able to see our friends and families at great distances with minimum delay, and celebrities and philanthropists making their thoughts known to followers with a Facebook post or a 140-character tweet. Without these tools we would find it more difficult to connect to each other by using phone and mail correspondence and information would propagate more slowly.

2. Immediate access to information

Computers have made it possible to have almost instantaneous access to information that is constantly being updated. This benefits education but it also has a positive impact on everyday life – just think how many of your questions have been answered by Google today.

3. Leveraging philanthropy

Non-profit organizations have flourished and known a fast development like never before after online communication and giving tools were created. Charitable initiatives, no matter how small, are being powered by digital tools – nonprofits causes manage to raise more awareness, it is easier to keep in touch with donors and supporters, and giving online is extremely simple and more attractive than traditional fundraising methods.

4. Developing education

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These days it is hard to imagine education without computer software and the Internet. Common education applications can be seen in every student’s life: taking classes online, looking for library items on electronic catalogues, researching for papers, and sharing work with your team on the cloud. Language learning is one of the education fields that have benefited greatly from computer science, from finding free online resources to speaking with a native on Skype or Messenger to improve your language skills.

5. Saving money and time

Everyday life aspects, such as shopping for various items, are easier and simpler with computer technology. Let’s imagine you need to buy diapers for your baby – instead of driving to the supermarket and spending money on transportation while also wasting time, you can order online and have the desired items at your home the next day.

6. Improving solutions

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Computer science allows our society to follow its tendency of doing things faster and better. Many things that have a positive impact on our lives did not even exist five or ten years ago, and this is particularly obvious in the service industry. Services like Airbnb and Uber have been made possible through computer software and once you try these, it’s difficult to imagine transportation and accommodation without them.

7. Working remotely

Why should your zip code prevent you from having an excellent career unless you relocate? Many jobs these days can be performed on a computer, without workers needing to be present at a physical location. Freelance work has become increasingly popular in the last years, and the most prominent fields engaging self-employed experts are web development, content writing, marketing, and photography, just to mention a few.

8. Offering well-paid jobs

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Computer science is a field preferred by many students due to the excellent earnings IT jobs offer, even to fresh graduates. Soon after graduating from a computer science field, beginner employees can expect an average salary of $30,000 each year, while those in senior management roles earn between $60,000 and $90,000 a year. Moreover, modern computer technology has paved the way towards new career paths and has created new occupations, such as network administrator or virtual assistant.

9. Increased productivity and business growth

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Computers have been shown to increase output per hour and have transformed the workplace more than any other innovation. This change, called the “Information Revolution”, has obliged companies to rethink their management procedures and organizational structures, but has also enabled them to become more productive, more profitable, and to expand their operations in new places. Employees are also benefiting from this change as they are being better paid, and companies now recruit better-educated workers in order to face current demands for labor. The growth was so fast that official statistics failed to reflect it properly, but everyone in the business field with some past experience will be able to see the difference between the times before the Information Revolution and what we are experiencing today.
The entire pallet of computer science advantages is hard to grasp, but one thing is for sure: computers have made everything faster and more accessible. Just like any other tool, computers can be used for doing good or for causing harm, and the choice is entirely ours.

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