zxcasd - Resources

There are many resources on computer science available online that the students will find useful. Here are some links you can visit to learn more about computer science and programming.

Scratch Community

It is a programming resource for people of all ages. This site is dedicated to teachers to help them teach programming. You will find lesson plans, videos, and discussions here.


Here you will learn about computer programming. This site acts as a guide when you code. It can get feedback on your coding and improve it accordingly.

Invent With Python

You will learn Python programming language from this book. You can download the book for free. The book is written in friendly styles and the codes are explained very clearly.

Code Hero

You will learn a new way to code from here. It is a first-person shooter game in which you use code gun to influence code. You will learn to code while you play the game.

Play My Code

This is an online platform for developing browser games. It is powered by HTML5. You can start playing the games here and make small changes to make the games easier or difficult.

These resources will help you to learn computers science. You will learn various things about coding and the importance of learning computer science. The resources will inspire you to start programming.



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