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Computers are everywhere these days – in our homes, at work, on the street, in healthcare centres, in the vehicles we drive, and so on. We often do not even realize how much comfort and safety computers have brought to us. The computer is considered by many the greatest invention ever, and not without a good reason.

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On this website we have gathered some interesting computer facts for the general public. Our articles are not computer science articles, but a nice and fascinating read for anyone taking an interest in the field. Here are the main topics you’ll discover:

  • Why artificial intelligence is more likely to be used for good
  • The most lucrative computer science jobs
  • How computer science has had a positive impact on society
  • Evidence and arguments supporting the idea of computer science being a science
  • Differences between computer science and information technology
  • Major contributions of computer science
  • Great computer inventions

Have these topics attracted your attention? Some more interesting facts you’ll discover include:

  • What famous people are afraid of evil artificial intelligence
  • What is the current level of artificial intelligence
  • What allows opinions which cause panic to circulate freely
  • Why artificial intelligence cannot develop indefinitely
  • How ways of controlling AI are being developed
  • How AI is actually becoming a part of us
  • What software application developers do at work
  • How much you can earn as a computer systems analyst
  • What professionals are responsible for administering computer networks
  • Why database administrators work at odd hours
  • Which computer science job is in decline, although it pays well
  • What computer science job has an impact on other fields aside from computing
  • How computers have improved communication
  • How access to information has changed
  • Why philanthropy has been leveraged through online tools
  • What student activities are easier to complete by using computers
  • What services would not have existed without computers
  • How computers and the Internet have changed the way we work
  • How computers have increased productivity and actually created more jobs in spite of automation destroying some
  • How computer science actually follows the scientific paradigm
  • How computer science studies naturally-occurring processes
  • Why computer science meets the main criteria that make a science
  • What the object of study for this discipline is
  • What the principles of computer science are
  • Why the discipline should better be called “computing science”
  • What other alternative names have been created for computer science
  • What is the difference between science and technology
  • What are the different career paths of computer science and information technology
  • What skills you need for each field
  • How the typical professional in each field has different personality traits from the other
  • What remuneration differences are between the two fields
  • How computers have caused the third major technological leap in human history
  • What are the recent information storage capabilities
  • What is the link between automation and productivity and how computers have actually created more jobs
  • How computers have helped to put an end to World War II
  • Why computers were compulsory for mapping the Human Genome
  • What are some examples of artificial intelligence for good
  • How entertainment has been transformed by computers
  • How trading has been influenced by the use of computers
  • Who invented the first computer ever
  • Who was the world’s first computer programmer
  • Which was the first working programmable computer
  • Which was the biggest computer ever developed
  • Which was the first personal computer
  • Which computer had the first real-time graphics display
  • When the first mouse was developed
  • How old touchscreen technology is

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