Top trends in web development

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2019 is here and it promises to bring the new ideas, modern innovations and new web development projects we deserve; from the current development of artificial intelligence to the machine learning blockchain and the cryptocurrency affecting the global economy.
In fact, everything is so varied and unpredictable in terms of technology. Sometimes progress and breakthroughs surprise us and change the world. The digital revolution continues to set trends and entice us with new technologies that are driving developers and programmers everywhere. People are always happy to know the most requested languages ​​/ frameworks as well as the latest updates on web design and software applications.
Here are the 8 most popular web development trends in 2019 that dominate the web industry.

Artificial intelligence or bots

Artificial intelligence (AI) is machine-demonstrated intelligence that mimics human intelligence and performs cognitive functions such as the ability to learn, gather information, analyze information, understand emotions, or solve challenging problems. The need for artificial intelligence-based communication, multi-tasking automation and analysis solutions is becoming more common this year.

We can already see how AI chat pots, virtual assistants (like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana) and voice robots have helped companies engage and transform social interaction. Their development provided an overall channel for the digital customer experience and ensured consistency between voice, chat, communication and websites.
With the development of machine learning (ML) and artificial neural network (ANN) research and studies, artificial intelligence was able to achieve its desired goals – by successfully simulating real human empathy and demonstrating common sense.


According to a report released by Stack Overflow in 2018, JavaScript has been the most popular language for the past six years and is being further developed. The development of frameworks, libraries and design over the years has proven to offer a lot in the market. No wonder this is the best language for a developer as it offers a whole new experience of flexibility, challenge and performance.
At Coding Dojo Bootcamp, we not only learn Javascript, but we also offer the five most popular programming languages ​​of 2019, classified in the TIOBE index. Our learning platform provides developers with the most desirable technical skills and helps them stand out in the job market.

Progressive web application

Progressive web applications (or PWAs) are still part of the hottest web trends of 2019. These modern web applications load like regular web pages or websites, but they have high functionality. They can be downloaded immediately, regardless of network status and browser choices, as they are built with a gradual expansion, a web design strategy that emphasizes web content first.
PWA provides an immediate, independent and reliable user experience without caching issues. This is probably because it was used over HTTP to avoid sniffing content and manipulating data.
In addition, PWA is easy to use, install and hassle-free, which improves current network technology thanks to service personnel and other built-in features. It can be shared via a URL and can target users with web push notifications.

One page application

A one-page application (SPA) is a Javascript-based web application that works well among user devices. It improves performance, minimizes page load interruptions, and shortens web development time by responding to navigation functionality without creating a request to download new HTML from the server.

Why is SPA so popular?

It’s a great choice for building responsive websites and supporting mobile, tablet and desktop applications. The latest development in SPA is based on React and Angular frames, which makes it convenient and suitable for hybrid applications.

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