7 highly lucrative computer science jobs

feat2 - 7 highly lucrative computer science jobs

Ever heard of those computer geeks who were marginalized in high school and ended up millionaires or at least having multiple-zero annual earnings? Maybe you are a young person thinking about which career to choose or you have already been in the field of work for multiple years and you would like to reconvert – in both cases, having a better idea about the top 10 computer science jobs will help.

Programming expert - 7 highly lucrative computer science jobs

1. Software applications developer

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This job is in high demand and it’s easy to understand why when you see how many new apps are being launched every day. Aside from mobile phone applications, these experts are also the minds behind accounting software, graphics software, and office suites and need to master at least one computer language. The not-so-good part is that you will be working long hours in order to meet project deadlines, but many employers offer flexible working hours and career breaks are also possible.
Salaries range between $45,000 and $65,000 for senior developers.

2. Computer systems analyst

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Computer systems analysts help organizations leverage the power of technology and are in charge for implementing new technology into a company’s system. You will need to determine whether the solutions you are trying to adopt will serve the organization well or not and perform cost-benefit analyses. You can work either directly for the organization or as a consultant on the payroll of an IT firm.
Median annual salary – $85,800 as of 2015.

3. Network systems administrator

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Organizations could not function nowadays without a reliable computers network, and this is where network systems administrators set in and administer the physical computer networks also making sure they reach their full potential. Besides making sure systems run efficiently, you may also be required to train end users. The job outlook for 2014-2024 for this role is 8% or as fast as average, which makes it a good option if you are studying computer science.
As a network systems administrator, you will be earning approximately $38.32 per hour.

4. Database administrators

Where is all this huge amount of data stored? Database administrators surely have the answer to this question and their main responsibilities are making sure data is clearly defined, ensuring data consistency across the database, helping users to access data in an effective manner, and managing recovery control, so no data is lost in case of emergency. Overnight and weekend work can be required because maintenance and development of databases is completed in periods of low usage.
On the other hand, if you become a senior database administrator your earnings may reach up to $60,000 every year or even more.

5. Web developers

Not to be mistaken for web designers, web developers use programming languages to build websites and web applications. They are responsible for the well functioning of websites rather than their aesthetics and need to monitor all kinds of technical aspects. Web developers also use various programming languages to write code that will present the data. If you want to become a developer, you will need to create a portfolio first, where you showcase your skillset and experience to potential employers and clients. This is vital especially when you are self-employed, because your past performance will immediately convince clients you can also provide value in the future.
Median annual pay ranges between $56,000 and $80,000, depending on the cited source.

6. Computer programmer

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Computer software has not lost its place, even if web and mobile apps seem to have been taken over. Your job will be to write and test code enabling computer applications to function properly. Most programmers specialize in a few programming languages and the job can also be done remotely. Apparently, this occupation is on decline, and the job outlook is negative for 2014-2024 (-8%), but the good pay still makes it worth becoming a computer programmer.
The 2016 median annual pay for a computer programmer was $79,840.

7. Business intelligence analyst

Would you like your work to have an impact on other fields aside from IT? A good role for you could be business intelligence analyst – responsibilities include mining computer data, tracking competitor data, analyzing past trends, and making forecasts. Afterwards, you’ll be communicating those trends to the company and helping it to make informed decisions in fields such as finance, corporate government, marketing, or sales. The job is on the rise because companies are always looking to increase profits and reduce costs, and computer tools can help them achieve this goal in a highly effective manner.
Media income per year of a business intelligence analyst was $78,160 in 2010.
Which computer science job has attracted your attention? Even if you are not sure yet, following this career path is a good idea if you have an interest in computers, given the excellent compensation and multiple benefits in the field. So, will you be shaping tomorrow’s digital world?

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