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Mobile-friendly sites are sites that work well on smartphones. They use touch buttons and are suitable for small screens for quick navigation. In addition, they load quickly thanks to their amazing features that reduce data entry.
In 2016, the Google A team created their own search engine optimized for mobile devices. It’s one of Google’s best ways to provide the same user experience to its smartphone visitors when delivering search results, regardless of the device they use.
Although the hardware and interface differ between workstations and mobile devices, many companies have adopted a strategy to drive digital traffic and increase the marketing of their websites. It is a smart business for the number of mobile phone users in the world.

Business interface

Due to the demand for interactive web design, Motion UI is once again popular this year with dynamic graphics, amazing animations and an impact on real usability. It demonstrates a developer’s ability to tell a visual story while communicating with their viewers using a variety of tools and techniques.
Motion UI is a robust library that enables seamless transition effects in the user interface. It’s one of the fastest-growing favorite libraries because it allows developers to animate content as easily as possible, even without a solid foundation in JavaScript or the jQuery library.

Blockchain technology

We have entered the Bitcoin era with Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown person who [claimed to be Japanese] created and developed Bitcoin. And this becomes blockchain technology that is still visible today.

Blockchain is an open and shared ledger known for its secure design, decentralized consensus, and custom resistance blocks. It is designed to reduce the financial cost of doing business, reduce the frequency of transaction processing, and improve cash flow supported by open records.
It is maintained by a peer-to-peer network and has a rigorous inter-node communication protocol and a new block validation process called “The First and Most Reliable Global Cryptocurrency Company”.
One of the best practices in Coding Dojo workshops is to teach our students to create digital certificates with a blockchain. This BlockCerts project is possible in collaboration with MIT. We now issue verifiable certificates in the Bitcoin block chain, which guarantees a valid status.


As security breaches, cyber threats, website hacking, and data theft have become the biggest threat lurking in the darkest shadows of technological and scientific advancement, 2019 is no exception. So security won’t go away any time soon.
Information security or information security (information security) are information security systems against theft, service interruption or misuse, and damage to hardware, software or electronic information.

Security experts believe that these cybercriminals will not stop looking for vulnerabilities and victims. In this sense, individuals, businesses, communities and industry need to strengthen their security systems to protect their private data, servers and databases. Therefore, continuous solutions are needed to meet the cyber challenges of today’s world.

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