5 useful tips to become a better coder

feat9 - 5 useful tips to become a better coder

If you want to be good at programming, you will need to keep trying. You should practice more and more so that you can code comfortably. Here are some tips that can help you to become a better coder.

aasd - 5 useful tips to become a better coder

Don’t try to prove yourself right

You should learn from your experience. But you may develop bad habits. You should always think of making things better. Those who are new to programming, write tests to prove the codes right. But actually, what they should be doing is write tests to make the codes fail so that they can write a better code.

Write the code three times

To be a great programmer, you should write codes that work extremely well. This will never happen on the first go. You should write the code three times; then you will be able to write better code.

Read lots of codes

You should read lots of codes. This will improve your programming skills. If you read other people’s code, you will see how they have solved a programming problem. You should try to learn from them.

Write codes outside your assignments

You should work on personal projects and not just focus on your assignments. This way you will learn techniques and tools that are not available at your present job. You will gain lots of skills and develop self-confidence this way.

Work with other developers

Whenever you get a chance, you should work with other developers. You can join a programming group. You can get feedback from others and learn to write better codes.

You should always read the latest books on programming to keep yourself updated with the new programming tools and techniques. You will be able to write better codes.


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