My current interests are in Functional Programming and Operations.

Free Software Contributions

I've contributed to Dancer, a web framework in Perl. I also maintain and contribute to several CPAN modules and some Python modules.

You can find more about my Open Source work and contributions over there.

Work Experience

Twitter, San Francisco, CA [August 2014 - present]

  • Site Reliability Engineer for the PubSub team

Say Media, San Francisco, CA [August 2011 - August 2014]

  • From August 2011 to December 2012 I was part of the platform team. Tasks included designing the internal APIs.
  • Starting December 2013 I joined a newly created team to improve developers efficiency by writing tools and providing a better infrastructure. Projects included setting up better monitoring with Graphite.

Summer of Code Mentor, Paris, France [May 2011 - August 2011]

  • As part of the Summer of Code 2011, I mentored one student to work on the Perl Dancer web framework. My job was to set priorities, help with development practices and review the code. I was also involved in the evaluation process.

Linkfluence (RTGI), Paris, France [August 2007 - July 2011]

  • Set up procedures for development practices and software deployment (git, unit testing, how and what to document, etc)
  • Lead developer of the backend used to aggregate data from various sources (feeds, web pages, external API, etc)
  • Defined the architecture and designed the ReST API for most of the internal backend
  • Wrote many libraries for accessing various webservices, data storage (Riak, CouchDB). Most of them have been open sourced

Axe Media Direct, Brest, France [January 2005 - August 2007]

  • Development of an online customer loyalty program (consultation, listing, statistics, etc.) (Catalyst Framework)
  • PDF documents generation with XSLT
  • Web server configuration and maintenance for database consulting

Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne, Brest, France [April 2004- January 2005]


Self-taught (no college degree).

Native French speaker, fluent in English.