modules I like Module::Setup

Module::Setup by Yappo is a really nice module. I don't like Module::Starter, it's not easy to create template to make it do what you need. With Module::Setup you can create flavors for any type of modules you want. Most of the modules I create for work use Moose, and I like to use Test::Class too. I've created a Moose flavor for creating this kind of modules.

Creating a Moose flavor for Module::Setup

First, you tell it to init a new flavor:

module-setup --init moose

Module::Setup ask what is your favorite SCM. For me, it's git. It will create files in $HOME/.module-setup/flavors/moose/.

Start by editing $HOME/.module-setup/flavors/moose/template/lib/ to make it look like this

- use strict;
- use warnings;
+ use Moose;

Add requires 'Moose' in Makefile.PL. Create a t/tests/Test/ file with the following content:

package Test :: [%module %];

use strict;
use warnings;
use base 'Test::Class';
use Test::Exception;
use Test::More;

sub class {'[% module %]'}

sub startup : Tests(startup => 1) {
    my $test = shift;
    use_ok $test->class, "use ok";

sub shutdown : Tests(shutdown) {
    my $test = shift;

sub constructor : Tests(1) {
    my $test = shift;
    can_ok $test->class, 'new';


You will have a Test::Class test ready with basic tests already implemented.

If you want to share this template at $work, easy:

module-setup --pack DevMoose moose >

You just have to send to who need it, and he will be able to import it with

module-setup --init --flavor-class=+DevMoose moose

Now you can create a new module

module-setup MY::AWESOME::MODULE moose